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the Sarita necklace from day to night


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Sarita necklace // 2. Tom Ford nail lacquer in african violet // 3. J.Crew horn hobo in old lace // 4. Kate Spade licorice too pump in stone patent // 5. Diane von Furstenberg bevin dress


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Sarita necklace // 2. J.Crew thomas mason for J. Crew collarless tuxedo shirt // 3. Jil Sander patent leather clutch // 4. Essie nail polish in limited addiction // 5. REDValentino flared taffeta mini skirt // 6. SJP fawn 100 pump in teal


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Sarita necklace // 2. Tibi silk crepe de chine camisole // 3. Michael Michael Kors faux stretch-leather leggings-style pants // 4. Deborah Lippmann 80s rewind nail color in she drives me crazy // 5. J.Crew sophie crossbody bag in bisque // 6. Vince Camuto halia d’orsay pointy toe flat

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the Jaipur necklace from day to night


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Jaipur necklace // 2. Yves Saint Laurent la laque couture nail lacquer in rouge pop art // 3. Marni large faux leather tote // 4. Sam Edelman delilah suede d’orsay pump // 5. SEA buffalo plaid stretch-wool mini skirt // 6. J.Crew merino wool tippi sweater in hthr graphite


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Jaipur necklace // 2. Essie nail polish in style cartel // 3. Jil Sander medium leather clutch // 4. Kate Spade gabe flat in black patent // 5. House of Holland jack metallic jacquard mini dress


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Jaipur necklace // 2. Splendid cotton and modal-blend jersey t-shirt // 3. Essie nail polish in go overboard // 4. Dagmar lucy woven tapered pants // 5. Koku loli appliqued denim tote // 6. Ugg Australia allaria flip flop in princess pink

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the amita earrings from day to night


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Amita earrings in orange // 2. Yves Saint Laurent la laque couture nail lacquer in violet baroque // 3. Smythson 1887 leather and suede tote // 4. Cole Haan bethany pumps in black patent / 5. Halston Heritage striped cotton and silk-blend dress


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Amita earrings in orange // 2. Marc Jacobs enamored hi-shine nail lacquer in nirvana // 3. Jil Sander patent leather clutch // 4. Aerin cocobay pump // 5. Milly jacquard mini dress


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Amita earrings in orange // 2. Yves Saint Laurent la laque couture nail lacquer in beige leger // 3. Koku viva woven clutch // 4. Converse chuck taylor low sneaker in optic white // 5. Splendid voile mini dress

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the Iswari necklace from day to night


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Iswari necklace in orange // 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs in the grain jessica textured-leather shoulder bag // 3. Diane von Furstenberg heather pumps // 4. J. Crew boy shirt in end-on-end // 5. Julep color treat in florence // 6. J. Crew collection boucle-tweed pencil skirt


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Iswari necklace in orange // 2. Dolce & Gabbana the nail lacquer in wild green // 3. Christian Louboutin pigalle 100mm python pumps // 4. Freda structured high-stretch top // 5. Diane von Furstenberg zip and go leather pouch // 6. Stella Jean colombia tribal-print pencil skirt


1. Diane von Furstenberg 440 envelope clutch // 2. Julep color treat in bette // 3. Ancient Greek Sandals thais calf-hair sandals // 4. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Iswari necklace in orange // 5. Lemlem rucha patio striped dress

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the Preeti earrings: from day to night


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Preeti earrings in green // 2. Dolce & Gabbana the nail lacquer in dahlia // 3. Coach the borough bag in nappa leather // 4. J.Crew collection dulci calf hair kitten heels // 5. by Malene birger illia textured stretch-crepe dress


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Preeti earrings in green // 2. Scotch Naturals nail polish in highland mist // 3. Givenchy medium antigona pouch in black leather // 4. J.Crew elsie suede pumps in black // 5. Needle & Thread gilded filigree embellished chiffon mini


1. Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Preeti earrings in green // 2. Sophie Anderson spiro large printed cotton-canvas tote // 3. Ancient Greek Sandals thalia leather sandals // 4. NARS nail polish in hunger // 5. American Vintage magdalena crepe dress

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