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Tropicana earrings in black


Trinidad earrings


Tropicana studs


cocktails and jewels!

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fall collection is here!

I am thrilled to unveil my fall 2014 collection! inspired by my travels in rajasthan, india, this collection is comprised of richly colored gemstones, faceted wood, quadrefoil-shaped laser cut resin, ornate gold-plated beads, and colorful laser cut wood. each piece is handmade with love in my NYC studio. click here to see the full collection. enjoy!


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wedding wednesday: laser cut invitations

a few years ago I discovered laser cutting and have been obsessed with the process ever since. I really like the idea of laser cut wedding invitations because they are very clean, yet unique twist on traditional invitations.


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and of course if you are going to have laser cut invitations for your wedding your bridesmaids should wear laser cut earrings!

amita earrings // sarah earrings // janna earrings // emma earrings

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