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FW16 Launch!

katie_barteld_zuha_orange_onbody Our fall winter 2016 collection is live! Inspired by adventures in Rajasthan and Marrakech, each piece is handcrafted using vibrant gemstones, laser cut woods and resins, and cotton tassels. Click here to shop the new designs.

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end of summer style

It’s hard to believe August is upon us! If only the winter months flew by as quickly. This means you must seize the day and be as colorful as you can before its time to take out the darker palette accessories. Here are my picks for the best August accessories:


Katie Bartels Jewelry Palmira earrings in orange // Marc Jacobs beauty nail polish in ultra violet // Knockaround mint green smoke premium sunglasses // Katie Bartels Jewelry Safa stacking bracelets // Katie Bartels Jewelry Tropicana necklace // Spiked Seltzer // Santa Marta Wayuu Half Moon clutch

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Tiki Time!

Ever since I visited Lost Lake last summer during a trip to Chicago, I have been completely infatuated with tiki bars. I love the vibrant colors, bold patterned wall paper, fun drink accessories, on theme drinkware, and abundance of tropical fruit. I dream of one day having a kitchen that has many elements of a tiki bar. So when I discovered The Happiest Hour in NYC’s West Village, I fell in love and knew I had to do a shoot of my Havana Collection amidst its palm-printed wallpaper, pink flamingo logo, and fabulous drink umbrellas. My photography intern extraordinaire Mackenzie Lestan captured these playful images of my designs at Happiest Hour:


Palmira earrings in bright orange


Tropicana earrings in black


Trinidad earrings


Tropicana studs


cocktails and jewels!

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katie’s march musts

katies_march16_picksMarc Jacobs enamored hi-shine nail polish in lux // Katie Bartels Jewelry mounia necklace in turquoise & orange // “when breath becomes air” by paul kalanithi // Knockaround moonshine premiums // J.Crew mini bucket bag in painted petal leather // Tony Moly I’m Real aloe face mask sheet // Katie Bartels Jewelry satya earrings in tortoise with turquoise howlite studs

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travel tuesday: inside my suitcase

inside_my_suitcase_palm_beachI’m off to Palm Beach for a few days in the sun! Here are the items that can be found in my suitcase to keep my stylish during my adventure:


Katie Bartels Jewelry Preeti Earrings in tortoise // Mara Hoffman reversible printed cutout bikini // JINsoon nail lacquer in enflammee // Eliza Gran pom pom basket tote // Katie Bartels Jewelry Mounia Necklace in chrysoprase

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time to save!

winter_sample_sale_2016_bannerclick here to start shopping

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winter weather survival

the weather outside is frightful, so all the more reason to keep your accessories delightful! here are my picks for accessories to help battle the winter weather:


1. Fresh sugar advanced therapy lip treatment // 2. Katie Bartels Jewelry isla necklace // 3. Koku fay appliqued neon canvas tote // 4. Katie Bartels Jewelry tropicana earrings in orange // 5. Happy Plugs earbuds // 6. Anthropologie tasseled tuxedo scarf in turquoise 

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winter sample sale!


My winter sample sale has officially launched! lots of colorful gemstone pieces up to 60% off. and added bonus: free domestic shipping on all purchases $50 or more. most of the pieces are one of a kind so don’t wait to shop!

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treat yo self

have xmas money to burn? take a page from tom and donna’s book {parks & rec reference} and treat yo self to these best selling pieces:


1. Sejal cuff // 2. Lisette earrings in purple // 3. Ellie bracelet in gold // 4. Preeti earrings in saffron // 5. Ashton necklace


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