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trunk show this friday!

this coming friday, february 1 at 6pm I will be showcasing my spring collection at the cornell club of new york! every year, the cornell club hosts a member showcase and I am pleased to be a part of it for the fourth time. if you are interest in attending (you’ll get to see my spring collection before it officially launches!), please send me an email at

whales, geysers, and fish: reykjavik travels

here are a few snaps from the three days my friend natalie and I spent in reykjavik, the capital of iceland, and my newest favorite city:
view of reykjavik

viking chic

the perlan

me sporting viking attire

delicious fish and chips at Icelandic Fish and Chips

aquatic currency

my friend natalie eating her fish and chips

cod and rosemary chips

geothermal pool

black lava salt, my new fave thing

baby geyser
amazingly good sweet potato fries

icelandic butter (a trip highlight) and black lava salt

too good to be true

our favorite: icelandic butter

my favorite street name in reykjavik

nordic knitwear

my newest passport stamp

traditional icelandic hot dogs

getting ready to go whale watching


fantastic do not disturb sign

fyi, don’t walk on the geysers

geothermal pool (it was so cold I wanted to jump in)

I kept falling in love with the light fixtures we came across

how to tie a tie

adventures in akureyri

here is a look at the two days my friend natalie and I spent in arureyki, iceland:
next stop: arureyki

right before sunrise (photo taken at 10:30am)


natalie, rocking a pop of color against an all white background

obsessed with this zebra-stripe mountain

tomato red house!

fabulous drink names!

stone hut with a view

the scenery was stunning

probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had 
(the whipped cream was handmade on the spot)

getting ready to see the northern lights

so we didn’t see the northern lights, but our tour guide 
brought us to a bar in a cow barn

drinking in a cow barn


reflections on iceland

sunrise in akureyri
I just returned from a five day trip to iceland with my friend natalie and it was truly amazing. one of my good friends, who is an avid traveler, told me reykjavik is one of his top cities so I knew I was going to be in for a treat. 
we started off in reykjavik and then made our way up north to akureyri. we went to akureyri to see the northern lights. unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor and we only saw a few small patches of the colorful phenomenon. I saw the northern lights about 12 years ago in greenland [side story: it is to this day one of my favorite memories. I will never forget standing on the upper deck of our ship watching bright green lights dance across the sky. its also a special memory for me because I got to see the northern lights with my grandfather, who would become sick soon after and would be unable to travel again] so I can’t complain too much about not seeing it. 
after our northern experience we made our way back to reykjavik for two days. during these two days we ate amazing food, went whale watching, toured the golden circle, drank delicious hot chocolate, and  visited the blue lagoon. 
my friend jon was definitely right, iceland is a fantastic place to visit and another trip is already in the works! iceland also ignited a curiosity about scandanavia so I’m brainstorming a trip to sweden and finland.
tomorrow and wednesday I will share my photos from the trip. also, I was on instagram during the trip so you can check out more of my photos there (@KatieBartels) and also follow my future travels.
oh, and naturally my winter 2013 collection will be inspired by my trip. I picked up lots of colorful Icelandic wool when I was in reykjavik and I’ve signed up for knitting classes so get excited for what’s in store 🙂

color inspiration: ice blue

in honor of my trip to iceland

new sparkle and ribbon necklaces!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve added several new colors to my 
sparkle and ribbon necklace collection!

inside my suitcase: hydration station

I’m super excited for the breathtaking sights of Iceland when I travel there tomorrow. but I’m also preparing for the frigid january temps. so I’ve put together what I like to call my “hydration station”: an assortment of beauty products that will make sure I survive the freezing temps!
by far my favorite lip balm. it tastes and smells delicious, isn’t sticky (nothing is worse than having a gust of wind blow your hair onto your lips), and really keeps your lips moisturized. 
cures everything. 

I use this for my cuticles and also as a 10 minute face mask when my skin has really been exposed to the elements. I also put it on my feet and then sleep with socks on at night. it sounds a bit much but you wake up with super soft feet. 

my skin gets very red in the winter (after a walk outside my nose turns red a la rudolph). this stuff is great: it evens skin tone, moisturizes, and provides SPF

I know its really pricey but it is worth every single penny. after I put this on my skin looks amazing and all dry spots are gone. and the jar lasts for a really long time. I always by mine at duty free to avoid tax and its a bit cheaper. if there were ever a beauty product to splurge on, its this!

I have always envied kate middleton’s silky locks. unfortunately my bleached blonde hair doesn’t have that glow. until I discovered this treatment! I’ve still got a ways to go to get my hair to be kate-middleton-shiny, but I’m getting there. I love these ampules because they are easy to travel with and they warm up, which feels really good on your scalp. 

I’ve tried lots of different hand creams and this is by far my favorite. it isn’t greasy and has a very subtle smell. and it really moisturizes.

inside my suitcase: iceland

I’m off on an adventure to iceland this week! my trip will include geothermal pools, whale watching, *fingers crossed* the nothern lights, lobster eating, and other tundra adventures. here is a look some of the staples in my suitcase:

1. uniqlo women premium down ultra light jacket // 2. katie bartels darby labradorite necklace // 3. ugg shearling earmuffs // 4. jack wills wellbrook shrunken cable // 5. uniqlo women dot legging // 6. sorel joan of arctic boot // 7. j.crew women’s camp socks

emerald envy

when I found out that the pantone color of the year was emerald, I was incredibly excited. emerald is up  there on my list of favorite colors (the list also includes cobalt blue, neon pink, tomato red, and marigold). naturally I had to put together emerald-colored jewelry. on one of my gemstone buying trips I found amazing green garnet stones in a triangular shape and decided to turn them into a multistrand bracelet and necklace. so, without further ado, here is the emily!:
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