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love this #govtshutdown

delicious meal at empellon in the west village

gift my parents brought back with me from florence

the first neckace I ever made!

andre leon talley and fern mallis, fashion icon heaven

one of my mom’s birthday gifts from me

#tbt amazing diamond ring from gem palace in jaipur

my mom celebrated a milestone birthday

who knew fishing was so colorful?!

visit to the cincinnati museum of art

major bling

my old stomping grounds at cornell

getting silly at TCAM weekend

so obsessed with this painting

cheers to the weekend

I love cornell!

great view from an early morning meeting

ring party

the reality of my desk 

inspiration tuesday: adorable halloween costumes

I don’t often say “I wish I had a child” (or a pet) except for halloween. I mean even the most annoying kid is cute if you stick them in a costume. here are some costumes that I think are too cute for words and are on my short list for costumes when I have kids:

bon weekend

make sure you wear your fancy pants and dancing shoes this weekend.

adventures in cincinnati: part 2

I’m very excited to share photos from my trip to cincinnati, ohio, to visit artist charley harper’s studio and well as an exhibit of his work and the federal building that is home to an exquisite mural of his work.
part of the amazing mural at the federal building in cincinnati

close up of the mural

my mom at the mural

love this painting charley made during his years studying
at the cincinnati art academy


I adore the symmetry and color charley uses in all of his works

charley’s painting pants
charley’s painting sweater

biology book charley illustrated in the 1950s 
(and a major source of inspiration for designer todd oldham)

a mock up of charley’s animal kingdom piece

the entry to charley’s home

love this

mobile in the harper home entryway

charley’s desk

charley was a huge fan of ladybugs, a symbol of luck

charley’s palette

a fabulous place to visit

adventures in cincinnati: part 1

this past weekend my parents and I traveled to cincinnati to attend Harper Ever After, an exhibition of unseen and rarely seen works of artists charley and edie harper. as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, charley was a dear family friend until his passing in 2007. this was my first time in cincinnati and my first time seeing charley’s house and studio. it was a wonderful trip and I was very inspired by a weekend surrounded by art. over the next two days I will be sharing images from the trip. today’s image will focus on the museums of cincinnati.

an amazing cobalt blue piece by chihuly

found this sign at the cincinnati art museum quite entertaining

loved the patterns in this painting
colorful art at the cincinnati contemporary museum

I would like this in a necklace, please

inspiration tuesday: charley harper

my parents and I spent this past weekend in cincinatti, ohio, visiting charley harper’s studio and attending an opening for an exhibit of his work. charley was a dear friend of our family and we have been fortunate enough to start a collection of his original works (one of his ladybug paintings is proudly displayed in my entryway!). this weekend was fabulous–more on my blog tomorrow and wednesday–and inspiring.
I thought I would share some of his favorite works:
cardinal close up (with seed)

red-eyed vireo

snowy egret
blue jay bathing

wings of the world

flamingo, 1958

tree of life

outfit styling: aravali bracelet

1. katie bartels quartz and tassel aravali bracelet // 2. chinti and parker striped organic cotton vest // 3. 3.1 philip lim mini pashli leather satchel // 4. sigerson morrison dahlia point-toe flats // 5. deborah lippmann nail polish in call me irresponsible // 6. frame denim le skinny de jeanne mid-rise skinny jeans

1. katie bartels quartz and tassel aravali bracelet // 2. equipment washed-silk camisole // 3. bottega veneta intrecciato woven pouch bag // 4. alexander wang antonia open-toe sandals // 5. milly karina degrade sating skirt // 6. deborah lippmann nail polish in supermodel

1. katie bartels quartz and tassel aravali bracelet // 2. butter london nail polish in billy no mates // 3. diane von furstenberg sidra dress // 4. stella mccartney falabella faux leather shoulder bag // 5. diane von furstenberg anette pumps

bon weekend

time to party.

outfit styling: the sitara earrings

1. katie bartels wood and gemstone sitara earrings // 2. maxmara studio rosano sweater // 3. jil sander neptune leather bowling bag // 4. scotch nail polish in to hell with swords and garter // 5. jonathan saunders elina pencil skirt // 6. tabitha simmons heart point-toe flats

1. katie bartels wood and gemstone sitara earrings // 2. jil sander envelope zip clutch // 3. rag and bone contrast panel crepe top // 4. marc jacobs enamored hi-shine nail lacquer in mandarin orange // 5. zara metallic leather skirt // 6. diane von furstenberg devon sandals

1. katie bartels wood and gemstone sitara earrings // 2. mario testino for mate canchis printed neoprene-effect tote // 3. tory burch asher studded suede slippers // 4. madeline thompson oversized cashmere wrap // 5. RGB pink nail polish // 6. j.brand 901 low-rise legging-style jeans

outfit styling: charlotte necklace

1. katie bartels charlotte carnelian necklace // 2. scotch naturals nail polish in whisper // 3. erdem lowry jacquard dress // 4. maison martin margiela leather and mirrored-metal shoulder bag // 5. jimmy choo amelia patent-leather pumps

1. katie bartels charlotte carnelian necklace // 2. scotch naturals nail polish in to hell with swords and garter // 3. maison martin margiela pleated crepe dress // 4. dolce and gabbana linda grained leather box bag // 5. bruno magli halki bow-embellished velvet pumps

1. katie bartels charlotte carnelian necklace // 2. alexander wang the emile textured-leather tote // 3. no. 21 mohair round-neck sweater // 4. charles philip shanghai tasseled suede slippers // 5. deborah lippmann nail polish in stop and stare // 6. j.crew signature leggings in heather carbon

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