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FW16 Launch!

katie_barteld_zuha_orange_onbody Our fall winter 2016 collection is live! Inspired by adventures in Rajasthan and Marrakech, each piece is handcrafted using vibrant gemstones, laser cut woods and resins, and cotton tassels. Click here to shop the new designs.

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end of summer style

It’s hard to believe August is upon us! If only the winter months flew by as quickly. This means you must seize the day and be as colorful as you can before its time to take out the darker palette accessories. Here are my picks for the best August accessories:


Katie Bartels Jewelry Palmira earrings in orange // Marc Jacobs beauty nail polish in ultra violet // Knockaround mint green smoke premium sunglasses // Katie Bartels Jewelry Safa stacking bracelets // Katie Bartels Jewelry Tropicana necklace // Spiked Seltzer // Santa Marta Wayuu Half Moon clutch

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travel tuesday: inside my suitcase

inside_my_suitcase_palm_beachI’m off to Palm Beach for a few days in the sun! Here are the items that can be found in my suitcase to keep my stylish during my adventure:


Katie Bartels Jewelry Preeti Earrings in tortoise // Mara Hoffman reversible printed cutout bikini // JINsoon nail lacquer in enflammee // Eliza Gran pom pom basket tote // Katie Bartels Jewelry Mounia Necklace in chrysoprase

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I’m off!


Next stop: Morocco! I take off tonight from JFK and land tomorrow morning in Casablanca. I could not be more excited for 9 days exploring the amazing country. I’ll be posting lots of photos on instagram {@KatieBartels} and will be blogging up a storm when I return home to NYC.

Until then!



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wednesday inspiration


best hotel pool ever?

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april in instagram


kicked off spring weather with a visit to blue marble ice cream in BK


sweet potato fries = brunch essential


so excited for my new head turban from pumpkin headbands!


great evening with the founder of KIND


tropicana studs off to a new home!


lunch meeting at Jacob’s Pickles on the UWS


gorgeous day for a walk in central park!


Hillary announced her campaign AND I got to wore an 80t diamond ring #bestdayever


my favorite piece from the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction


also fell in love with this ring at the Christie’s Auction


hello spring weather!


chilling at the central park zoo with one of my fave birds


lunch meeting at Jack’s Wife Freda


love when good friends come to NYC!


sunday night soccer at Yankee Stadium!


adios NYC!


up at Cornell for an incredibly exciting project


peek into my amazing project


celebrating earth day with my tropicana studs


dining al fresco at mermaid inn


let the countdown to my morocco adventures begin!!

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bon weekend


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shopbop 25% FF discount!

I love a good friends and family discount, especially when its on one of my fave sites: ShopBop.  here are some of my picks for the best accessories to keep you colorful and stylish this spring AND at a discount!

shop_bob_FF25_discount1. Prada cat eye sunglasses // 2. Mara Hoffman horizontal towel // 3. Clare V supreme simple tote // 4. Splendid firefly rubber flip flops

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march in instagram


photo shoot for my Tropicana Collection


participated in Cycle for Survival!


type A behavior…


launched my SS15 collection!


gemstone buying trip!




celebrating my best friend’s 30th!


launched a pop-up shop with Bezar!


the lovely Susan Gerock wearing my Madri necklace and Preeti earrings


my old study spot at Cornell


a peak into an exciting project I’m working on!


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