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Ever since I visited buy cheap viagra online uk next day delivery last summer during a trip to Chicago, I have been completely infatuated with tiki bars. I love the vibrant colors, bold patterned wall paper, fun drink accessories, on theme drinkware, and abundance of tropical fruit. I dream of one day having a kitchen that has many elements of a tiki bar. So when I discovered The buy viagra online using paypal in NYC’s West Village, I fell in love and knew I had to do a shoot of my Havana Collection amidst its palm-printed wallpaper, pink flamingo logo, and fabulous drink umbrellas. My photography intern extraordinaire where can you buy viagra online using paypal captured these playful images of my designs at Happiest Hour:

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Tropicana earrings in black

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buy viagra with paypal ukI’m off to Palm Beach for a few days in the sun! Here are the items that can be found in my suitcase to keep my stylish during my adventure:


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have a wonderful weekend! xx katie

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