passports and pearls

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statement gown // Mara Hoffman


pattern mixing at its finest // Alice & Olivia


the perfect shade of purple // Carolina Herrera


exquisite details // Christian Siriano


orange tulle is always a good idea // Delpozo


this jacket is everything // Jenny Packham


stripes, sparkle, and swirl ready // Lela Rose


detailing from the masters // Marchesa


the perfect coat // Michael Kors


versatile statement coat // Milly


dream coat-pants combo // Monique Lhuillier


what fairy tales are made of // Naeem Khan


a vision in red // Naeem Khan


a twist on a classic silhouette // Oscar de la Renta


this skirt! // Rosie Assoulin


this skirt in this color! // Rosie Assoulin


emerald envy // Rosie Assoulin


plaid perfection // Suno


cut outs in all the right places // Tadashi Shoji


classic camel // Tracy Reese


stripe perfection // Trina Turk


whimsy // Vera Wang


the most amazing fur dress // Vera Wang


striking statement coat // Zac Posen

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