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kicked off the year with a double-header soul cycle class

valentine’s day project in the works

winter storm calls for jello shots at the meatball shop

greetings from paradise

did you know cocktails come with cookies at whiskey blue?!

cheers to the cornell class of 2006

my new sister in law!

my little brother got married!

fall 2014 in the works

new laser cut wood earrings 

arm party of the day

gluten free goodness for the win

found this gem in the garment district

holy feather wonderland


a splash of color in the west village on a grey day 

working on stacking bracelets on amtrak

BYOM {bring your own mimosas}

cornell alumni leadership conference

with the quarterlette girls at the startup soiree

adios, polar vortex!

greetings from san francisco!

obligatory tourist day

golden gate bridge in the california sunshine

color inspiration at the SF aquarium

whimsy under water

obsessed with this jellyfish shot

crab baguette?!

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